Who Can You Help?

You are essential! Do you realize that there is something you can do that no one else can? It’s true. You have a unique place, and you have an impact.

With this ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, I realize that some jobs have been labeled as “essential”. Perhaps other jobs have to be put on hold for a while, but that doesn’t diminish their importance. I realize this every time I look in the mirror at my unkempt hair! I’m concerned that this labeling has caused some to misunderstand or forget that every single person is of great value. That is why I’m glad people are reaching out to others during this time. Here are a few examples:

My son, Dan Riddle, and his friend, Kyle Ziegler, have put together a benefit album with all proceeds going to Feeding America’s Covid-19 relief fund. Aptly titled “Self-Quarantine”, it is a compilation of 23 songs from a variety of artists and bands. It is available through Bandcamp, and here is a link, in case you’d like to check it out:


self_quarantine_1400x1400px (1)
Artwork by Daniel McGarvey

My daughter, Amy, has been using this time to create really fun memories with her daughters. They’ve gone on nature hikes, made s’mores by their firepit, and tons of other stuff!

Amy and her girls.

My son-in-law, Dave, made “ear protectors” for masks for healthcare workers. These help a lot, especially when you’re wearing a mask for a 12 hour shift.

Dave and his girls.


My granddaughters have been making cute and hilarious videos for us. We love them, and they really brighten our days!!

My husband, Mike, continues to buy donuts from our local coffee/donut shop and to get takeout from other local small businesses occasionally to support them. A little action can make a big difference! Each of us has an impact, one way or another.

Even though I’ve talked about doing in this blog, please know that our value isn’t from what we do; we have value because of who we are. God planned you, and you are so precious that God gave His only Son, Jesus, for you.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:14)

You are essential!

Mike supporting Wholly Grounds Coffeehouse.


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