Inviting Joy In

It was a surprise, so Mike insisted that I put on a blindfold. Then he started the truck, and 0ff we went. To where, I had no idea. Of course, I tried to figure out this secret location by noting the turns and such, but soon I was hopelessly confused. When we arrived, Mike stopped the truck, had me wait (still blindfolded) and then he gently led me out of the truck and walked with me, holding me steady. Now I could take the blindfold off. My eyes opened to see a picnic table right next to a beautiful pasture with cows grazing alongside a creek and a pond, an incredibly peaceful spot. On the table there was a cheery, red tablecloth, and sitting on top of it were delicious looking hoagies, potato chips from the Herrs Factory right down the road, and ice-cold drinks. Aaaaaaaaahhhh. It was just the break I needed.

That’s my Mike. He reminds me to have fun, to stop and take a breather, to slow down and enjoy little things, like a picnic with some cows. I’m so glad for Mike. He adds life to life! Are you allowing joy in your life? Are doing something or some things that you really enjoy?

One thing that I really enjoy is writing and taking pictures. I put together a little book for my granddaughters called “God is with Me When…”. It includes pictures of them having a variety of fun. My hope is that they will always know God is present with them and wants them to enjoy life. I’ve included the PDF file so you may have a look, if you like. I hope it will inspire you to invite more joy into your life. Feel free to share what brings you joy.

We’ve enjoyed several repeat visits to that picnic spot Mike discovered, and each time there leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to go forward.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10b

Allow joy in your life.

The cows enjoying the day, too.

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